¡¡¡ Super opportunity !!!
Donbix proposes that, from a referral system, you earn 4% for life of the total shipment of the transactions that you manage to capture with people who use your code 😳 🥳 😎
We provide you with a panel where you see your 💰 only at www.DonBix.com and request it whenever you want, we provide you with:

  1. Direct link to use with your code that is automatically observed by the sender
  2. Link 🌐, username 😃 and password 🗝️ to see the transactions that have been generated using your code and the money 💰 that you have accumulated
  3. Your code uniquely 😎

Regular transfers receive a 220% discount, for example, if you send $ 100, 8000 MN is delivered in Cuba. If they use your code and here is the main benefit, the person in Cuba receives 220%, that is, 8000 CUP is delivered. For you, 4% of those $ 100 that are sent, that is, 100 MN each time your code is used! 🥳

The direct link to use your code can be shared on your social networks and thus generate more interaction and greater possibility of acquiring referrals. Tag DonBix (@donbixpay) 😉 🙌

Do not miss this opportunity! Earn money while you sleep!

Contact us if you want to know more or to receive the code

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